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About us

We are not starting in 2016 in fact we started in 2001 when Chaudry Fazle Muqeem returned from Warwick, Mobashar Sadik was already a part of the most popular Business School in Islamabad & Noor Ahmed was breaking into an international career after graduating from a top Business School. All three of these gentlemen now form the core of what is “Aspire Consulting”- A training, organizational development & an academic institutions' capacity building company. We are Aspire with a vision to do “More with Less” and a mission “To Up-Skill Pakistan”.

We have currently a portfolio comprising the following:

  • Corporate Training/ Consulting: As a team we have a diverse experience in terms of delivering targeted corporate trainings in the Banking Sector (commercial & micro finance), Telecommunication Sector (land & cellular), & the Power Sector (DISCO’s)
  • Public Sector Consulting: Aspire has had the honor of being associated with one of the most consequential “change management programs” launched by the Government of Pakistan (GOP).
  • Academia/ Youth Capacity Building: Using our collective wisdom we have been part of teams which were involved in raising and managing at least three consequential Business Schools in the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad region. Consequently we as a team have had the honor of delivering various mega youth training programs from different platforms.

What brings the team together is the often repeated management mantra i.e. “Professionalism is ultimately a self-serving concept and money is but a by-product of it”